Let us dance in the sun
wearing wild flowers in our hair and let us huddle together as darkness takes over. We are at home amidst the birds and the trees for we are children of nature.
~ Thursday, March 1 ~

The first picture is my upside down raw vegan cake from the recipe I posted a while ago. This is what it looks like the next day, and it kinda fell apart, but it was SO GOOD. I only ate a little teensy bit because it was kind of overwhelming (the sweet part that is..). This really is a dessert to share with multiple people, even though it’s really tiny. I made it with 3/4 a banana, 1/4 cup blueberries, and 1 kiwi. I’m not sure about the measurements for the dates and shredded coconut, I just did what felt “right” and had the consistency I liked.

The second picture is of my cookies! I was inspired by http://vegetablesandoxygen.tumblr.com/ who makes lovely cookies with her dehydrator! I didn’t use a dehydrator because I didn’t have the time, but I refridgerated them for 30 minutes and they were absolutely devine. Now this is a dessert that I could finish on my own, mostly because the portions were so tiny. I made them last night and made some more this morning (that’s how yummy they were!!). They tasted like little bluberry muffins.. I blended up dates, coconut shreds, 1/2 teaspoon pure vanilla extract, 7 blueberries, and 10 almonds. As for the cake, I’m not sure exactly how much coconut shreds and dates I added, but if you are to make these, just measure out what you think tastes good!!

Enjoy! <3

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